What drives us

Our agile team collaborates enthusiastically with your projects. We are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that is the hallmark of a committed team. Our pedagogical approach is result- orientated: to put learning into practice, to be connected to the business.


Our consultants have a business experience endowing them with a specific expertise.


Educational engineering, co-design and co-animation with our clients.


We are scriptwriters, ecosystem generators, « agilitators » , entrepreneurs.

that guide us

Concepts we have experienced and proven


Taxonomy Blooms


Adult learning

Small steps and systemic approach

Design thinking

The disciplines
of the learning organization

Source : Tanmay Vora - @twora

Systemic thinking

Understand the systems as a whole and analyze the relationships between the parties

Mental patterns

Learn to break down our prejudices to better understand complex issues

The shared vision

It gives the organization the motivation to progress towards a common project Team learning

Personal Mastery

Understand what motivates us and clarifies our approach to things

Team learning

Learn in a team or learn to be a team.

Our community of consultants

Véronique de Corberon

CEO, consultant, designer and facilitator

Develop, train, move the lines: this is what Véronique de Corberon has done for 30 years in Marketing, Communication, HR and then in Learning & Development, Retail and Industry. She relies on her training at CELSA and her certificates in Change Management, Feedback 360 °. By creating The Journeys, Véronique brings her experience and expertise to business so that people learn to work and collaborate differently. Woman of conviction, energy to spare, pragmatic in the soul, she works with a passionate team, agile to accompany companies in their transformation. She is also part of a group of POP consultants that allows her to use a greater number and a greater diversity of profiles and skills to carry out her missions.

éric Mellet

Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

His approach aims to combine economic performance, seeking for meaning and the development of individual and collective potentials and builds on the research and discovery of Positive Psychology. As such, he accompanies organizational and individual transformations by placing the human and collective intelligence at the heart of his approach.
Previously General Manager of Business Development and Commercial Excellence for L'Oréal, he created and conducted the deployment of devices in collective intelligence aimed at the excellence of the operational execution. Matrix Sales University and L'Oréal Sales Academy have trained more than 15,000 sales people in 75 countries and played a central role in transforming the B2B2C organizational model.
Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology Co-author with Denis Cristol: Developing a corporate university. Create a lever of business development, 2013, ESF.

Paul Denis

coach, designer and facilitator

Paul Denis is a professional coach in business and consultant-trainer. He is the founder of the company STEPS. Engineer (Centrale Paris), he worked as a manager, internal consultant in training and director of HR development in a large industrial group. He has lived abroad for 14 years and works in both French and English. Certified / qualified in coaching (Coach & Team), he now dedicates his time to support industrial performance, near managers and local managers, through coaching, training and seminars. He is supervised and adheres to the AEC-EMCC.

Nadine Dubost

consultant, designer and facilitator

Passionate about human development, Nadine Dubost is Consultant-Trainer, Expert in Educational Engineering, and Coach. She designs and animates innovative, personalized and interactive development paths, where a good balance between structuring and creativity allows everyone to progress.
Professional coach, she is supervised and supports collectives that are going through changes?

She works with companies, associations and business schools. She relies on her engineering education and 25 years of experience in the industrial sector, in operational and functional positions, internationally.

Caroline Gougeon

coach, designer and facilitator

Coach certified by HEC, Caroline Gougeon undertakes her coaching and HR consulting activity with individuals and organizations to support them in their transformation and their transition: individual coaching and coaching teams, co-development groups animation, design and animation of workshops and training in leadership and management. She carries out coaching assignments and workshops in the automotive and railway industries, as well as in the energy and wine sectors.
Engineer, graduate of Centrale Paris and holds an MBA at the College of Engineers, Caroline worked 20 years in the industry, in international environment, filling Marketing and Human Resources positions.

Pierre Bancon

Consulting in High Performance SME through transformation management support

Most of Pierre Bancon’s career has been spent in Europe with multinational companies known for their results and ways of working.

In 1989, he left for Madrid to complete his business degree at ICADE and launched his marketing career at the same time. After several Marketing positions, he first became a General Brand Manager in 1998, and launched the American professional cosmetics brand REDKEN for L’ORÉAL in Spain and also oversaw its expansion in several European markets.

In 2006, he returned to Spain for the ESTEE LAUDER Group, one of the world leaders in luxury cosmetics, as Brand General Manager for AVEDA Spain, a position he held for over 12 years. In 2013, in addition to AVEDA, he launched and developed the brand Bumble and bumble on the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal).

End of 2018 he founded ITHIKOS, his consulting firm specialized in developing High Performance SME’s mainly based in Spain and France, through transformation management support during ad hoc missions. The objective is to accelerate the value creation taking into account the company’s culture for a sustainable growth combined with a strong meaning and people’s development.

He divides his time between Spain and France and is fluent in four languages: French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Frédéric Poussard

Social network / app design and development, community management, social media, eReputation, Open Innovation, collaborative, eWorking, eOrganisation

Frederic dreams of bright, vibrant companies that could reveal our talents, dreams and passions and bring sustainable growth. During more than 15 years designing and animating collaborative platforms, he realizes how digital transformation can be a powerful social link engine still undervalued in most companies. When he founds Tinkuy in 2008, he wants to create an activity that integrates his values: sustainable development, innovation, agility and collaboration. Convinced that the blooming of teams is the best motivation and performance engine, he helps SMEs and large groups in their digital transformation. As a co-founder of POP, Frédéric integrates the digital dimension in new positive ways of working and managing talents in organisations.

The Journeys is part of POP, an international community of experts in their fields, driven by the same will (to place the human at the heart of all organizational changes), strong values ​​(trust, hope, optimism, resilience, empathy ...), all in a positive and enthusiastic dynamic to offer sustainable and responsible development solutions to its customers.